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Sunday, February 26, 2023

2023 Elections: Tinubu Wins All 16 LGs In Ekiti


2023 Elections: Tinubu Wins All 16 LGs In Ekiti; 

The APC presidential candidate won 12 of the 16 local government areas in the South-West state.

Third in the line is the Labour Party (LP) candidate, Peter Obi who polled 11,397.

See the results of the 16 local governments:

1. Ilejemeje Local Government

APC 4599

LP 97

PDP 2662

2. ISE/ORUN Local Government

APC 11,415

LP 497

PDP 2734

3. EFON Local Government

APC 5873

LP 125

PDP 2521

4. GBONYIN Local Government

APC 11969

LP 245

PDP 4178

5. EMURE Local Government

APC 8159

LP 465

PDP 3035

6. IREPODUN/IFELODUN Local Government

APC 14265

LP 544

PDP 5516

7. IKERE Local Government

APC 11659

LP 910

PDP 7198

8. IJERO Local Government

APC 12628

LP 373

PDP 5731

9. IDO/OSI Local Government

APC 11917

LP 782

PDP 7476

10. EKITI WEST Local Government

APC 14516

LP 391

PDP 4318

11. MOBA Local Government

APC 12046

LP 246

PDP 5847

12. IKOLE Local Government

APC 15465

LP 779

PDP 10,198

13. ADO Local Government

APC: 28,751

PDP: 8,168

LP: 4,485

14. Ekiti South West Local Government

Apc: 11,334

PDP: 5,047

LP: 440

15. EKITI EAST Local Government

APC: 12,426

PDP: 7,782


16. Oye Local Government

APC: 14,472

PDP: 7143

LP: 643

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Saturday, February 25, 2023

A very special Nso Girl! πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ at the age of 26 years old Tata

 A very special Nso girl! πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ

   26 years old Tata Carine from the North West region:

has emerged winner of the 2023 Mt Cameroon Race of Hope in the senior female category

This is the 5th time the athlete is winning this competition bagging the Grand Prize of 10 million FCFA

The girl was so strong ‼️

Congratulations to her!


Nkambe and NSO (Bui and Donga Mantung ) division youths bags first positions at the 28th edition of 2023 mountain Race of Hope in Buea . 

Donga Mantung (Nkambe) youth by name Adamou Issa Bouba of the North West Region Of Cameroon emerges winner of the 28th edition of Mount Camerooon Race Of Hope in the male Category. 

Bui youth (NSO) of the North West region of Cameroon by name Tata Carine reported to be 27 of age bags the first position in the female category as the winner of this year’s 28th edition of the Mountain race . She shall be returning home with a whooping sum of 10 MILLION XAF . 

Congratulations to them ✅πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™

#mtcameroonraceofhope #RaceOfHope

Ndicho The-Publicist

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πŸ”΄  πŸ₯°πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²




Congratulation to Tata Carine 26years old girl from Nso precisely from the North West region of Cameroon coming up as the winner of 2023 Mt Cameroon Race of Hope in the senior female category

 An actually it's the fifth time (5 time) she's keeping the record of coming up the first in the senior female category

Congratulations mum you've done it has a woman



Wednesday, September 8, 2021



Federal republic of nigeria his excellence MUHAMMADU BUHARI stated it today September 8th  that he is not pleased with the shows going on Big Brother Naija  BBNAIJA.

   President Muhammadu Buhari said he is not going to hesitate to band or put end to BBNAIJA that the bbnaija house mates act is reprosive and sexual harrasment and so many bad act 

He said he really need good changes and anything that will tanish these country image he will volunteer to eliminate it 

     Bbnaija housemates are influencing nigeria youths on bad motives 

Social media took the latest update from the broadcast released out and it became the latest gist on social medias about Buhari threaten to shut down bbnaija show 

Are you in support for president Muhammadu Buhari threaten to put end to BBNAIJA? 

Do you think bbnaija is part of nigeria problem?

Do you think is a best idea Buhari raised?

  Drop comment 


Monday, October 19, 2020



       Giving you the Superior edge....



                  WE OFFER: 

* Extensive computer Program

* French Classes

*After school classes / lesson 

* Summer schools / Bank Programmes

* Moral Instruction 

* Music Classes (With our music instrumental)

* We follow Lagos State Approved

Nursery, Primary & Secondary School Curriculum.

* We have Highly Experienced graduate Teachers

* We have one of the largest sporting fields in Lagos state for extracurricular activities.

* We Also provide residential accommodation for our staff



* photocopy                  * Lamination

   ( Color / Black & White ) 

* Business Cards     * Blinding

* DVD and CD Burners   * Designing

* Typing & Printing   * Scanning 


* 1st Royal Library Center / Bookshop

* 1st Royal Computer 

Call us at: 






1st Royal wonderland plaza, suites 5-12 owode Road ogombo ajah Lagos

Email: info@istroyalnetworkgroup.com




Friday, July 10, 2020

Mrs: Janet Babson is one of the Alliance Global company member.

Mrs: Janet Babson  Emmanuel she is one of the Alliance  Global company member and  she is into exporting and importing of Goods, e.g wears , shoes , bags  etc , do you like to know  more about Alliance company:

Wellcome to alliance Global:
I will like to introduce my name to you before you know anything about the wonderful business am about to introduce to you, don’t just read try to join and become rich and wealthy  in just a couples of days, and don’t just stay with out investment. Join now and start good life journeying in this company.
  am by name: Mrs: Janet Babson  Emmanuel 

What is Alliance?:
Alliance in Motion Global is for those who want to have financial freedom in their lives and create time for their loved ones. It is a world business opportunity in the health and wellness network marketing industry that is based on a pyramid scheme.

If you want to be a partner with us or to no more detail call or WhatsApp this No: 08023157806 


1. RETAILING - Enjoy 25% lifetime discount on all products.
         e.g.               C24/7                       Php 1,200              25% of 1200 is 300.
                               Distributors Price     -        900

                               Profit                                 300

         10 customers / week X 300 Php 3,000/week
2. DIRECT SPONSORING The company will give Php 500.00 for every package sold to a new distributor and automatically earn 1200 points.
3. MATCH SALES BONUS - Earn Php 1,500 for every match sales.

Scenario 1 - Person to Person Pairing Bonus
People who will join you will be divided into two (2) groups, Left Sales Group and Right Sales Group. Whenever there is a new member in Left Sales Group and another new member in Right Sales Group, you will earn P1,500 which you can withdraw the next day. (DAILY INCOME)
Scenario 2 - Person to Product Pairing Bonus
However,  the system calculates points, not each members. A new member is equivalent to 1,200 points. Each product has its own corresponding points. So whenever there is a new member on one side, and a group-accumulated product re-order points of 1,200 on another side, you will still earn P1,500 which you can withdraw the next day. (DAILY INCOME)
Scenario 3 - Product to Product Pairing Bonus
Consequently, a group-accumulated product re-order  points of 1,200 on one side and another group-accumulated product re-order points of 1,200 on another side will earn you P1,500 which you can withdraw the next day. (DAILY INCOME)


The company allows up to Seven (7) Accounts  under 1 name.  Multiple accounts have a much higher rate of return and a more efficient system compared to a single account. For the same amount of effort, you can maximize your income potential.
4. UNI-LEVEL BONUS - This compensation plan is based on product reorders from your first level up to your tenth level. You can earn a monthly income of 5%-10% rebates on sales volume (SV) based on product Commissional Points. Earn 5% from your Indirect Referrals and 10% from your Direct Referrals. (MONTHLY INCOME) 
In this plan you will get another commission in your down line reorder which varies on your position.

Distributor – once you join in AIM Global, you are automatically become its distributor. In this position you have 0% commission from your first level to infinity level.
Silver Executive – in this position,you need to accumulate 10 Positional points. This is not individual points, it is a group points. If you get promoted as SE, you will have additional 10% commission on group product sales from first level to infinity level.
Gold Executive – in this position, you need to accumulate 100 Positional points. It is also a group points. If you get promoted as GE, you will have additional 20% commission on group product sales from first level to infinity level.
Global Ambassador – in this position, you need to accumulate 1000 Positional points. It is also a group points. If you get promoted as GA, you will have additional 30% commission on group product sales from first level to infinity.
6. ROYALTY INCOME This is for those who are already Global Ambassadors. You will earn 2% of Group Reorder Points from your down lines who are also Global Ambassadors up to the 5th level Global Ambassador.  
Vikings Isabela
IMAN CRUZ - Distributor
Cauayan City, Isabela

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