“I Can’t Call Myself A ‘Legend’ Yet” – 2Baba Declares (See Why)

2Baba held a session with a renowned music journalist, Joey Akan on his Afrobeats Intelligence series, and he made this shocking revelation.

I was going through the interview and I was personally enticed to how a “Legend” like 2baba humbly described himself when asked, “If he can call himself a legend yet”.
In his response, 2baba gave criteria of attaining a legendary status and not by just releasing hit songs only. Guess many artistes need to understand this criterion too.
Read a cut out from the whole interview below:-

Do you think you’re a legend?

(Laughs) Hmmm… For myself, like I said about things, I think I still want to achieve a lot of those things before I would actually call myself a legend.
So when people call me that, I think it’s because I’ve been for a while in the game. I mean, I’ve achieved a whole lot, you know.
But for me to have legendary status, I think it’s more than just being popular. I think it has a whole lot more to do with general, overall everything.
Me I dey think say I never enter that, because the title heavy well well o. That legend title, these days if you just get one hit you don be legend.
People play with that word. I mean, the word is dead. The meaning is deep. It’s bigger than the way people just talk about it these days.
These days, everybody na legend. But I dont think it’s like that. Legendary status na something else. When people call me a legend, it’s a huge compliment and I take it with great humility.
It comes with a great responsibility as well. For me, na heavy challenge. I’m working towards becoming an actual legend.
Let’s hope that I achieve all these things I’m saying. Then that time. I go come claim am myself say ‘yes.’ Hit my chest say ‘ehen the legend has arrived.
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