Great NAES!

Great NAES!

I bring solidarity greetings to all sundries in the spirit of oneness and togetherness.

As the NAES NATIONAL SECRETARIAT TRANSITION commence, i want to use this opportunity to solicit, pledge and seek for the support of local chapter presidents/senators, past and present leaders, stake holders and all ebira students both in home and diaspora.

I   Yusuf Ogirima Hayatudeen    
I hereby declared my sincere and honorable intention to take up the onerous responsibility of piloting the affairs of NAES (National Secretariat) as Vice President (External) for the benefit of all with out the motive of pecuniary benefits.

As such, i am convinced and committed to the transformation of NAES for the overall development with the support and in collaboration with other Executives, local chapter Presidents/Senators, Stakeholders, and Ebira students. It's upon this basis, i seek and pledge to be your Vice President (External).

Let struggle with peace.
Let struggle to succeed.

Aluta Continua
Victoria Ascerta

Great NAES