We have observed that there is 11 solid slang

Trending in Kogi state at okene region streets 

and they Are been introduced by okene musicians.

1. OPOYIPOYI - is a new slang introduce by a 

Tallented Kogi State Rapper/Singer "Yunique Billijaga"

He mentioned Opoyipoyi in his song. And is been 

Serve as the main content of the music

Opoyipoyi simply means "A big thing or something Big"

You can also use it for a bieng as a compliment.

2. CALM YOUR CALM - Is a trending slang introduce by Kogi State singer

"KING DREEZ" generally known as DARPHASE. He sang a song

Called Calm your Calm and it bocome a trending slang in okene

Calm your calm means "Calm Down" 

3. EJANLA :- Enjanla is a new trending slang introduce by

Okene Singer/influencer "HAJJ CIROMA". He titled his Vedio album 

As Ejanla And it become a trending slang in  streets.

4. WAYIYE - Is been introduced by kogi state okene Rapper/Singer

       "ITABRIZ" Wayiye is a big trending slang in okene

And it simply means "You knew".


5. ENYIAMIRI - Is a slang introduce by kogi state lagos base Singer/Rapper

          "ELICOM9" he sang a song titled Enyamiri and is the main content of the 

         Music. It was quite known that the song issa motivational street song

      The meaning of Enyamiri is "None of my Business" in pidgin is "E no concern me"

6. BUREYI - is a trending slang in okene introduce by 2 singers "MK MALLEK & DRESINO"

They derived the slang from the street and they sang a song titled BUREYI 

Bureyi means "wen someone is been high with smoke, Alcohol, Drugs etc". You can 

Use the slang Bureyi in place of "HIGHNESS".

7. VOVONAVO - Is a very big slang trending for more than 2years and is been introduced by

Kogi State singer "SHEISU OZIMALLA"  VOVONAVO is a title of a song and it means 


8. KAPATACHI - Is a trending slang since last year introduced by a Rapper/Singer

"RAHSH" generally known as RASHIDO. Kapatachi is also a song title and it simply means


9. OLE AJIGBOLE - is a new recent slang introduce by a Music producer and Promoter

  "VICBEATZ JAMAN" Ole Ajigbole is yoruba language and it means 

"THIEF OR AMRY RUBBER" He derived the slang from Ciber crime committeers generally    known as Yahoo Yahoo.

10.  FEARLESS - is a name of annual concert been organized and introduce

By kogi state okene lagos base Singer "VICTOR JUSTIFY" 

The name of the concert is Fearless jamz. And suddenly became a slang

In the street were a group of gangs use it to motivate themselves 

Fearless simply means "No fear or Brave" 

11. HOMIES - Is a trending slang introduce by kogi state lagos base Singer/Producer "CIDIXZ" He tilted his EP Homies and has a single track title Homies it becomes a trending slang in the street were by people from other states use it for their tribes or were they weer brought up Homies means "My people from home base".


Different kogi state singers from okene Region has been doing

Well in nigeria music industry. Many more upcoming talented artist

To do more than their senior coleack.

Be save and stay tuned we will update you with different things about 

Entertainment and alots of more things 

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