A Kogi state social media influencer, Entertainer & a Brand ambassador BLESSING AHUOYIZA  generally known as BLIZZCUTE had A mere Beef with a famous Nigeria Author RENO OMOKRI Some hours ago on Facebook and it became the latest Gist on social media both Facebook and Instagram and we are pretty sure that it got extended on twitter by Reno Mokri

It all started on RENO OMOKRI post and Blessing Ahuoyiza gave Reno a compliment and told him she wish she can be her Sugar Daddy with a brave heart 

We all surprised that a famous Nigeria Author Get to take Blessing Ahuoyiza comment very crushal and sensitive and he go ahead and screenshot it and make a post that Blessing Ahuoyiza is Iphone 3 that he can't leave his Iphone 13 to go after iphone 3

That really sound so annoying but blessings Ahuoyiza never care about that but Blessings and Reno fans start to drag them on social media.

A Kogi state Famous Rapper/Singer and Song Writer KING DREEZ start to drag the beef between Reno and Blessing 

It's obvious King Dreez is quite happy about the Mere Beef because he phink after these Reno most look after Blessings and take her to the high level Dreez is happy cus he can't wait to see his fellow tribe got to the top level in Nigeria.

Some hours ago Blessing Ahuoyiza later come back and post were she said Good night to everyone that stood beside her since morning regardless of whatever anyone was saying that to be sincere what she said in reno post is nothing but a fun but she wondered why Reno took it so far and later make her famous more. 

Blessing told his fans to go and collect Good night regard from Reno.

Reno also got to the extended he never rest and give up he post on his timeline praying for Blessing Ahuoyiza that God will give her. Better Husband

Fans drop a comment what do you think about these let's here from you all 👇👇